Floaters and Spots

What are Floaters and Spots?

Floaters and spots are those tiny spots, circles or cobwebs that drift around your field of vision. Since floaters are within the eye they seem to move when you try to look at them directly. Floaters or spots can come in various sizes and can occur more frequently as you grow older.
How are Floaters and Spots Diagnosed?

As a part of your comprehensive eye exam, your eye care professional will perform a dilated eye exam where the doctor will pay close attention to the hard-to-see areas of the retina. If you notice the sudden appearance of new floaters or flashes you should see your eye care professional without delay.

How are Floaters and Spots Treated?

Floaters can interfere with your vision particularly when reading. If a floater or spots appear in your vision looking up and down may help the floater or spots move out of the way. Most floaters and spots are harmless and simply annoying and may fade over time. However, the sudden appearance of significant new floaters or flashes could indicate a tear in the retina or retinal detachment that requires a visit to your eye care professional without delay. A retinal tear will require treatment to prevent the retina from detaching. Retinal detachment is considered a serious problem that often requires surgery.



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