Advanced Technology

Our Optometry office has invested in state of the art diagnostic imaging technology to allow earlier detection and better management of eye diseases such as  glaucomamacular degeneration and  diabetic retinopathy

The Optical Coherence Tomographer (OCT)

The Optical Coherence Tomographer takes 45 thousand scans per second of the retina and optic nerve. These scans are analyzed by advanced computer technology to produce a 3 dimensional image of the layers of the retina and optic nerve. This allows our Optometrists to view the  retina and  optic nerve in microscopic detail. Our new OCT also does OCT angiography for early detection of vessel leakage in wet macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

For glaucoma, utilizing OCT technology, your Optometrist can determine if certain layers of the retina are thinning due to glaucoma 2-3 years before any loss of the field of vision. With the OCT the progression of existing glaucoma can be monitored more accurately than ever before to allow proper treatment.

For macular degeneration the OCT scan will show the microscopic changes in the layers of the macula that occur in macular degeneration. This provides early detection of AMD. An OCT scan allows your Optometrist to detect if there are early signs of conversion from dry form to the wet form of macular degeneration allowing earlier treatment and a better chance of preserving vision. With the OCT we can more accurately determine the progression macular degeneration so treatment can be modified sooner.

For diabetics the retinal vessels start to leak causing retinal swelling and bleeding within the eye. This causes loss of vision. This swelling is very difficult to see on a routine eye examination so your Optometrist must rely on the OCT to produce the MRI type image of the retinal layers allowing them to detect these changes early for more effective treatment.The OCT retinal exam is a comprehensive method of evaluating, monitoring, and helping treat various eye conditions.



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